Today, Lumafield shared CT images of the second-generation AirPods Pro charging case that provide a look at the case’s internal changes.While the basic layout of the case appears to be similar to the original, Lumafield discovered that the newly added “neck loop” is internally connected to the Lightning connector, which is connected to the logic board, leading the company to speculate that the metal insert could serve as an antenna for chip U1 or serves another additional purpose.

There is a new metal eyelet on the side of the case. Apple says it’s for a lanyard, but it appears to serve another purpose: it’s 4mm deep and 18mm long, with a hidden tail that attaches to a metal pad around the Lightning port. Maybe it’s the antenna that supports the enhanced “Find My” tracking.

The U1 chip enables Find My support, allowing users to track the charging case’s location in the Find My app on their iPhone or on The case features a new built-in speaker that can make a ringing sound to help you find it.

Other improvements to the charging case include water resistance, Apple Watch magnetic charging puck support, and longer battery life.

The new AirPods Pro were launched last Friday and are priced at $249 in the United States.

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